DB Schema Monitoring

Database schema monitoring and alerting

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DB Schema Monitoring periodically polls your cloud databases and alerts designated recipients if DDL changes are detected—giving you the opportunity to take proactive measures.

DB Schema monitoring is available as a standalone product within the SqlDBM platform. Please contact the sales team if you are interested in trying this service.

DB Schema Monitoring

DB Schema Monitoring can be managed by account admins from the Account screen. You can access the account screen from the Dashboard.

Next, select "DB Schema Monitoring" from the menu.

Create a monitoring job

A monitoring job is like a scheduled Reverse Engineering using saved Direct Connect credentials. A job periodically polls your cloud database schemas for changes and sends email notifications to designated recipients (only) when DDL changes are detected.

Create a job by following the steps indicated in the video:

  • Provide a job name and login credentials

  • Select a database and schema(s)

  • Set a schedule and recurrence interval

  • Specify the list of notification recipients

Review changes

Job runs and changes can be viewed by clicking the arrow icon to the left of the job name.

Logs (right) record every scheduled or on-demand run of a given job.

To see the complete history of job runs, click "See all logs".

Last changes (left) only appear for job executions where changes were detected.

To review change details, click "Compare".

Compare change details

The compare changes screen for monitoring jobs works like SqlDBM's compare revisions. Any two versions can be compared, and their differences highlighted. For more on compare revisions, see the related article below.

Monitoring job actions

Monitoring job actions can be accessed from the three-dot menu to the right of a job. These include:

  • Stop/Run - stops/resumes the monitoring job and notifications

  • Run Now - performs an on-demand, off-schedule run.

  • Set schedule - change or adjust the job schedule

  • Set notifications - adjust the list of notification email recipients

  • Logs - see the list of all job runs

  • Edit name - change the job name

  • Delete - remove the job and its details

Review notification emails

When changes are detected during a monitoring job, recipients are sent an email summarizing the details. To view the full list of changes in the compare changes screen, follow the "Compare the changes" link from the email.

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