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DB Schema Monitoring - Visual Changelog
DB Schema Monitoring - Visual Changelog

Spot and review trends or off-schedule changes on a visual timeline

Written by Serge Gershkovich
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DB Schema Monitoring periodically polls your cloud databases and alerts designated recipients if DDL changes are detected. In addition to alerting and detection, the SqlDBM Visual changelog can help users identify patterns over time, detect trends, and spot anomalies.

DB Schema monitoring is available as a standalone product within the SqlDBM platform. Please contact the sales team if you are interested in trying this service.

Access visual changelogs

To access visual changelogs, head to the DB schema monitoring page from the SqlDBM dashboard. Find the "Visual changelog" icon to the right of the job name or click on its related "three-button" options menu and select "Visual changelog".

Review visual changelogs

On this screen, you will see only the monitoring runs with detected changes displayed on a visual timeline.

The blue circles below a calendar day indicate a monitoring job with changes. The number inside the circle corresponds to the number of monitoring runs with detected changes that day.

Use the left and right arrows (< and >) to either side of the timeline to move across it.

The Day/Week buttons at the top allow you to set the time scale granularity accordingly.

Click the desired blue circle to jump to its changed objects.

Below each change entry, review the number of changed objects or click to expand any object to review the details.

Alternatively, search for specific objects from the search bar to see a list of changes and click on any instance to jump to the details.

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