1. Go to the AC Research Repository site

  2. Login using your AC library catalogue username and password

  3. Click on Create Deposit

  4. Select the type of deposit you wish to make from the drop-down list

  • AC HDR Publications - for HDR student publications when authorised/permitted to do so by the copyright holder/publisher

  • AC Staff Raw Research Data – for raw data required to be kept relating to your staff research projects

  • AC Theses – for the final approved pdf version of your thesis awarded by AC; this will be viewable to logged-in users of the AC library catalogue

  • HDR Candidate & Student Raw Research Data – for raw data required to be kept relating to your HDR/student research projects

  • You may be required to deposit to more than once (eg: if submitting your AC thesis and the raw research data used within it);

5. Complete the necessary details on the form that appears and attach your file(s)

  • For thesis submission: Thesis title = the full title of your thesis

  • Name your pdf file in the following format: Surname Firstname - Title of thesis.pdf (you don't need to include subtitles in the filename)

  • eg: Smith Bob - Thesis of research into a great topic.pdf

  • For Raw Data submission: Collection title = Name the folder where your raw data files will reside. Use the format: Surname_Firstname_ProjectName_Filetype where ProjectName = abbreviated version of the full project name or doctoral award

  • eg: Smith_Bob_PhD_audiofiles

  • eg: Smith_Bob_PhD_statistics

  • There is no limit to the number of files you can upload but please group your file-types together when submitting them, eg: interviews, statistics, audio files etc.

6. Consult the Terms & Conditions, click Agree, then click Submit

a. Save as draft if you need to locate further information – the incomplete deposit will appear in the list of deposits after you login next time

7. A successful deposit will be indicated by the following message:

Deposit Submitted Successfully

You will also receive an email confirmation message.

Library staff will make your thesis or publication accessible via the AC library catalogue. Your raw research data files will be added to the AC Research Repository and stored for 7 years – they will not be accessible via the AC library catalogue unless express permission is granted by the individual researcher.

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