Ebooks are the preferred format for AC library purchases because they are accessible to all students regardless of their physical locations.

However, sometimes access to an ebook is denied - why?

Publishers set certain access restrictions on their ebooks - we try to purchase unlimited licences as often as possible however it may not be available for each title.

Each ebook states what type of licence is governing its use. Here’s what they mean:

· Unlimited = everyone can access these resources at the same time.

· Non-linear = everyone can access these resources at the same time, up to a maximum of the allowed uses per year. Once the purchase anniversary occurs, the allowable uses resets and the countdown starts again for the following year.

· 3 users = a maximum of 3 people can access these resources at the same time.

· 1 user = a maximum of 1 person can access these resources at the same time.

If the maximum number of uses or users has been reached for a title with a restricted licence, access will be denied. Download time limits of 10 hours apply to 1 user titles to ensure equity of access to all users. If you are denied access to a title, try again later. Other licence types may be downloaded for longer periods of time.

If a restricted licence is all that is available for the library to purchase, we will occasionally purchase additional copies of in-demand titles to provide further access.

So, whilst you may not always be able to access a certain ebook title immediately, especially if it is recommended in a lecture and the whole class is trying to access it at the same time, you should be able to access everything you need with a little patience and subsequent attempts.

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