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Easily add a widget to your web site so your customers can get a guaranteed value in minutes.

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The Accu-Trade Dealer Widget can be placed on your web site, and provide your customers a quick and efficient way of obtaining a guaranteed price (dependent on physical inspection) for their used vehicle. Customers can also submit photos of the vehicle, a capability that no other trade-in tool provides.

After the customer answers a few questions about the vehicle (the process only takes about two minutes), you will acquire the lead contact information, and the vehicle details. You can then contact the seller to continue the conversation.

Here is the Dealer Widget process:

Page 1: The customer starts with entering a license plate, VIN, or year/make/model.

Page 2: The customer starts describing the vehicle: photos, color, mileage, and number of keys. Some questions can also be asked about the vehicle's condition and history. (Many of the questions, and sections, are customizable to match your specific process.)

Page 3: The customer enters contact information.

Page 4: The customer receives the offer, with a detailed breakdown explaining the price. Your contact information will be shown, along with any next steps you want to show. This offer page is highly customizable, so you can decide to ask if the customer likes the offer, how the vehicle price compares to other similar vehicles in the area, and potential tax savings on trading in for a new vehicle.

At this point, you will be notified (either via email or in your CRM) that the customer has received the offer. You will now have the customer contact information, and the vehicle details.

The customer will also receive an email with a summary of the offer, and how to contact you to proceed with the sale.

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