See real-time performance data right in your field of view - no need to break stride or slow down to view your watch or cycling computer.

The "ActiveLook Datafield" is an advanced plugin that installs directly on your Garmin device and automatically connects to your ActiveLook eyewear.

First, check that your Garmin model is compatible with ActiveLook Datafield.


  1. Set aside some time.

  2. Ensure your ActiveLook eyewear are up to date.

  3. Synchronize and update your Garmin device and application.

  4. Install the ActiveLook datafield on your device.

  5. Activate the ActiveLook datafield on your Garmin.

  6. Use your ActiveLook Datafield

  7. Configure your data screens.

  8. Troubleshooting.

    1. Why are my eyewear not detected, not connecting?

    2. How to use triathlon or multisport mode ?

1- Set aside some time.

Installing a datafield on a Garmin device may take a few minutes and, candidly, can be a challenge. Please plan to take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete the process.

2- Ensure your ActiveLook eyewear are up to date.

The first update, setup, and adjustment of your ActiveLook eyewear is done using the ActiveLook mobile application. Connect your Garmin device only after you've completed set-up of your eyewear with the ActiveLook app.

  • Open the ActiveLook mobile app, (download link here)

  • Turn your eyewear on, (refer to guide, if needed).

  • If your eyewear are not automatically detected, go to the 'glasses' tab of the app and click 'search for new glasses'. Then follow the guide.

  • If an update is available for your eyewear, it will automatically push through. This can take a few minutes.

  • IMPORTANT: Disconnect the mobile app from your eyewear; to do this, force-close the app on your mobile phone. Next, turn your eyewear off and then back on. Now your Garmin device is free to connect to your eyewear.

3- Synchronize and update your Garmin device and app.

Your Garmin device (Watch or Bike Computer) and the Garmin Connect app must both be updated with the latest version and communicating with each other.

4- Install the ActiveLook datafield on your Garmin device

  • In the Garmin Connect app, access the Menu:

On Android :

On iOS :

  • Scroll down, then click on Connect IQ Store.

  • Search for "ActiveLook" via the search bar at the top of the screen.

  • Select ActiveLook - Datafield.

  • Select Download.

As your Garmin is synchronized with your Connect application (see previous step) the installation should proceed immediately.

Confirm the datafield is installed correctly on your Garmin:

Click the icon of your Garmin device (the one with the green dot):

Then select 'Activities, Apps and More':

Check that the ActiveLook Data Field is on the list of installed data fields (top list):

If ActiveLook appears in your list, the installation was a success.

5- Activate the datafield on your Garmin Device

To enable the ActiveLook data field, select it in any of your Garmin activities (sport applications).

  • Open the Activity for which the data field will be used: running, cycling, both, or something else.

  • Edit the displayed fields to modify one of the existing fields in one of your activity data screens. You may also add a new one.

From this point, the way to proceed depends on your device: below is a list of links for popular Garmin devices. If your device isn't here, try following the instructions for a device in the same series. You may also find additional guidance elsewhere on internet:

- changing datafields on Forerunner 245

- changing datafields on Fenix 7

- changing datafields on Edge 530

- changing datafields on Edge 1040

  • In the field selection menu, scroll down and click on Connect IQ.

  • Choose ActiveLook DataField.

  • Turn your eyewear on - it should automatically connect to your Garmin device.

  • This completes the basic connection process, however additional steps are needed to configure and personalize data display options with your Garmin device in the next step.

Please note: We love our friends at Garmin, but we're a small team and we simply cannot provide documentation for each and every compatible Garmin device. Inconsistencies across the Garmin range, and even within Garmin's own documentation, can be a challenge. However, we are confident that the reference examples provided here will enable most people to complete datafield setup.

6- Using your ActiveLook datafield

In your Garmin activity (generally Run, Bike, or Multisport), the ActiveLook datafield will now display the eyewear connection status, the number of the data screen currently displayed in your eyewear (generally "1" or "2"), as well as the eyewear battery level.

How it works ?

  • The datafield will automatically detect and connect to your eyewear as you turn them on. (See how to turn eyewear on here).

  • When you launch your Garmin Activity the datafield will push your live data to the eyewear.

  • Information is displayed in the eyewear as data screens; each data screen contains from 1 to 6 forms of data, provided by your Garmin device.

  • Each of your data screens can be customized: see here.

  • By default the following screens are available:

  • Default activities:

    • Screen n°1 : (1) Elapsed Time + (2) Distance + (12) Speed

    • Screen n°2 : (15) Pace + (4) Heart Rate + (2) Distance

    • Screen n°3 : (10) Power 3" + (18) Cadence + (22) Total Ascent

    • Screen n°4 : (0) Display Off

  • Cycling activities:

    • Screen n°1 : (1) Elapsed Time + (2) Distance + (4) Heart rate

    • Screen n°2 : (12) Speed + (18) Cadence

    • Screen n°3 : (6) Average Heart Rate + (14) Average Speed + (20) Average Cadence + (24) Average Ascent Speed

    • Screen n°4 : (5) Max HeartRate + (13) Max Speed + (19) Max Cadence + (22) Total Ascent

    • Screen n°5 : (0) Display Off

  • Running activities:

    • Screen n°1 : (1) Elapsed Time + (2) Distance + (4) Heart rate

    • Screen n°2 : (1) Elapsed Time + (2) Distance + (12) Speed

    • Screen n°3 : (10) Power 3" + (18) Cadence + (15) Pace

    • Screen n°4 : (0) Display Off

  • You can navigate through the data screens by waving your hand in front of the gesture sensor on your eyewear.

7- Configure your data screens

  • Open your Garmin Connect application.

  • Click on the icon of your Garmin device (with a green dot confirming a proper synchronization):

  • Select 'Activities, Apps and more':

  • Open "ActiveLook - Data Field" from the list of installed Datafields:

  • Click "Settings" to enter the corresponding menu.

  • Edit your screen sets

You can create up to 6 data screens, composed combining 1 to 6 of the datas in the list below.

To do so, edit one of the 3 screen variables (Default / Running / Cycling) and indicate the combination of data you like, separated by comas, and without space.

See following examples :


Will display :

  • Screen n°1 : (1 = Elapsed Time, 2 = Distance, 4 = Heart rate)

  • Screen n°2 : (1 = Elapsed Time, 2 = Distance, 12 = Speed)

  • Screen n°3 : (10 = Power 3", 18 = Cadence, 15 = Pace)

  • Screen n°4 : (0 = empty screen, display Off.)

List of available data :

  • (0) : Empty page = display off

  • 1 : Elapsed time

  • 2 : Distance

  • 3 : Distance To Destination

  • 4 : Heart Rate

  • 5 : Max HeartRate

  • 6 : Average Heart Rate

  • 7 : Power

  • 8 : Max Power

  • 9 : Average Power

  • 10 : Power 3s

  • 11 : Power Normalized

  • 12 : Speed

  • 13 : Max Speed

  • 14 : Average Speed

  • 15 : Pace

  • 16 : Fastest Pace

  • 17 : Average Pace

  • 18 : Cadence

  • 19 : Max Cadence

  • 20 : Average Cadence

  • 21 : Altitude

  • 22 : Total Ascent

  • 23 : Total Descent

  • 24 : Average Ascent Speed

  • 25 : Total Calories

  • 26 : Energy Expenditure

Please note: certain data types require a separate sensor (heart rate, power, cadence...). Other data types may become available when a compatible sensor or accessory is paired with your Garmin device.

  • "Glasses name" DataField parameter

It is recommended not to edit this field: the ActiveLook Data Field will automatically register here the first pair of ActiveLook eyewear it has connected to.

Still, you may need to *erase the glasses name* in the following cases :

  • Your Garmin device has paired to the wrong pair of eyewear.

  • You changed your ActiveLook pair of eyewear and need to reset the registered eyewear.

To do so, simply click on the registered name and erase it.

8- You have questions ? We have answers !

Why are my eyewear not detected, not connecting?

There are different reasons why your eyewear would not connect to your Garmin device:

  1. Are they sufficiently charged, and powered-on ?

    Check our guide to power and turn your eyewear ON.

  2. Are they already connected to another device ?
    Your eyewear can connect to one device (data source) at a time. You need to disconnect your eyewear from any other device or application before your Garmin is able to connect to it. To do so, force-close (kill) any ActiveLook compatible applications that may have connected to it.

  3. Your ActiveLook datafield has registered another pair of eyewear and still searches for it ?

    Erase the eyewear name in the settings menu of ActiveLook Datafield. see above.

  4. Your Datafield may simply display a 'Display Off' page (code : 0)

    Wave your hand in front of the sensor in order to swipe to an active data page. Note that the gesture sensor may be de-activated on your eyewear. To check the status and activate it back, connect your eyewear to the ActiveLook *mobile* application and check the gesture sensor status inside the 'Glasses' tab of the application.

How to use the Triathlon or Multisport mode ?

In order to get your ActiveLook eyewear connected both for your Cycling and Running activities, you need to activate the Datafield inside *both* Cycling and Running activities on your Garmin watch. See above how to activate the datafield in a given activity.

The 'Triathlon mode', as well as Multisport mode would launch the corresponding activities sequentially, and enable our datafield in each of the activities in which it has been activated.

Note that you can configure different set of screen for each activities, as described in above section.

Facing some issue ? more questions ? A suggestion ? Let us know !

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