Datafield you said ?

Datafields are 'micro applications' embedded within Garmin's native applications. They allow you to stay in the native applicative environment and keep your Garmin experience as you are used to it. The datafield operates in background and sends data to your ActiveLook glasses while your Garmin activity, or navigation, runs in foreground.

How does it work ?

  • The datafield automatically scans Bluetooth and connects to your ActiveLook glasses. It then starts pushing live data when a Garmin activity is launched.

  • Information is displayed as 'data screens', each data screen containing from 2 to 6 data, all provided by your Garmin device.

  • By default 3 data screens are available :

    • Screen n°1 : Timer + Speed + Distance

    • Screen n°2 : Pace + Heart Rate + Distance

    • Screen n°3 : Power 3" + Cadence + Elevation Gain

  • You can navigate through the data screens by waving your hand in front of the Glass gesture sensor (no navigation through the Garmin device itself).

  • You can customize your set of data screens, by picking 1 to 4 from a list of pre-defined data screens (see Datafield configuration below)

  • While datafield automatically connects to the first ActiveLook glasses found, you can force connection to a given pair of glasses (see Datafield configuration below).

  • On your Garmin device (Datafield face) the Datafield displays the glass connection status, reference of the data screen currently displayed, as well as glass battery level.

Note that datafields development frame impose strong technical limitations on the feature sets that limits the option to interact with glasses. Glass management (glass setup, sensors configuration, screen adjustment) should be done through ActiveLook companion application, downloadable here

The datafield starts operating as soon as any Garmin application is running (not only the Activity into which you installed it).

Where can I access it ?

Good news, a first version of ActiveLook Datafield for Garmin is available ! You can access it via this link :

How to install the Datafield ?

Install & open the 'Garmin Express' utility on your computer and connect your Garmin device using an USB cord to synchronize it.

After connecting it to Garmin Express, choose 'IQ' Applications, then "more applications" and search for “ActiveLook datafield”.

Select the "ActiveLook Datafield" and have it installed on your Garmin device.

Configuring the datafield

On 'Garmin Express' home page of your Garmin device search for the 'ActiveLook Datafield' in the list of installed applications (IQ Applications).

Click on the "..." (close to the application name) to open the "Parameters" pane.

  • Screens

You can select from 1 to 4 from the pre-defined data screens list below.

Edit the ‘Screens’ variable and indicate the ones you choose, separated by comas. See following examples :

- “3,2,6,1” (to be able to swipe through the 4 corresponding screens, in this order)

- “7” (one single, fixed, data screen)

- “1,2,3” (default set of screens)

  • List of available predefined screens (preliminary):

    • Screen n°1 : Timer + Speed + Distance

    • Screen n°2 : Pace + Heart Rate + Distance

    • Screen n°3 : Power 3" + Cadence + Elevation Gain

    • Screen n°4 : Timer + Power 3" + Average Power

    • Screen n°5 : Timer + Distance + Average speed

    • Screen n°6 : Pace + Average Pace

    • Screen n°7 : Power 3" + Normalized Power

    • Screen n°8 : Elevation Gain + Altitude

    • Screen n°9 : Average Pace + Average Heart Rate + Average Cadence

    • Screen n°10 : Power 3" + Normalized Power + Cadence + Heart Rate + Timer + Speed

    • Screen n°11 : Timer + Distance + Pace + Elevation Gain + Altitude

  • Glasses name

It is recommanded to leave this field blank: your Garmin device will automatically connect to the first pair of ActiveLook glasses found.

You may also force the connection to a given pair of glasses (and avoid connection to your friend's glasses). To do so, enter the glass name in the corresponding field. Glass name can be found when opening the ActiveLook mobile application:

Activating the datafield on your Garmin Device

1) Open the Activity where the data field will be used.

2) Edit displayed fields to modify one of the existing fields or add a new one.

3) In the field selection menu, scroll down to Connect IQ. Click on it.

4) Choose « ActiveLook DataField ».

Facing some issue ? A suggestion ? Let us know ;) !

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