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Setting up your Airnoise button

Learn how to connect your button to your WiFi

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Important: You must use the AWS app on an iOS or Android device to connect the button to your WiFi. You cannot connect it using a laptop or desktop computer.

The Airnoise button needs to be connected to your WiFi in order to work. It won't work when you're out and about -- it has to be connected to WiFi. You can reconnect it to any WiFi network you want, but remember that all your complaints are assumed to occur at the address in your account.

Instructions were sent via email when your button was shipped to you and printed instructions were mailed with the button.

But hey, we understand that not everyone reads the directions the first or second time, so this third time should be the charm:

  • Download the AWS IoT 1-Click app from your favorite app store, either the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

  • The app will guide you through the process to connect the button to your WiFi, but please read the instructions linked-to below. It will save you (and us) a lot of frustration. 

NOTE: Most people (as in 98% — seriously) who have trouble getting their buttons connected to their WiFi don't actually know their own WiFi password. They are sure they do, but they don't. They either wrote it down wrong on that one piece of paper with all the passwords, or their son changed it when he was last home from college but forgot to mention it, or "the cable guy set it up five years ago."

tl;dr; Make sure you know what your WiFi password is. 

Detailed instructions for iOS and Android

Please see these articles for each platform:
Apple iOS devices: detailed iOS instructions

Android devices: detailed Android instructions

What to do if you run into challenges

The setup process should take no more than 2 minutes, so please don't spend an hour repeating the process and getting frustrated. We understand it can be a challenge sometimes, so if you try it once or twice and it doesn't seem to work, check out this Troubleshooting guide.

And by all means, contact us using the Support Chat system here!

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