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Troubleshooting the Airnoise Button Setup
Troubleshooting the Airnoise Button Setup

What to do when things don't seem to be working

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The Airnoise button is made by Amazon, and despite all their engineering and computer prowess, sometimes getting a button connected to your WiFi can seem harder than it should be. Here we provide some helpful information for when things don't go smoothly out of the gate.

First things first: We're sorry the AWS 1-Click app is not great. We have given Amazon lots of feedback on how confusing and user non-friendly it is for folks who don't spend their days writing computer code or tinkering with their personal atomic reactors. But the 1-Click app is the only tool we have available to configure the buttons, so let's work together to make it work.

Are you following the instructions?

Seriously, this is the single biggest issue that causes problems when trying to configure the button. It is human nature to just "dive right in" and not read the instructions, but in this case, the odds are you're going to hit some rough water if you don't read the instructions first. 

We have detailed instructions here for iOS and Android. Humor us and give them a look-see!

Please note that Step #1 in both of those instructions tells you NOT to click the big, juicy, white button at the bottom of the screen that says "Login with AWS account." 

In fact, the screenshot in Step #1 has a big, red "Don't use this" across that button.

If you are having trouble connecting your button because you can't login to the AWS account that you don't have after clicking on a button we told you not to click on, you're doing it wrong. Just use the round WiFi icon in the top-right corner.

But I am following the directions!

Great to hear, let's see what else might be the issue. The buttons have some specific WiFi requirements, per Amazon:

  • The Airnoise button can only connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. It WILL NOT work with a 5GHz or Guest network, so please ensure you're connecting it to a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

  • The buttons do not work with WiFi "extenders" or "boosters", despite Amazon's claims to the contrary. Some FiOS wireless routers also act as extenders and won't work.

  • If your wireless router is one of the new ones that uses the same network name (SSID) for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, that will confuse the button. Change your WiFi settings to name the two networks differently and then connect to the 2.4GHz network. This applies to all versions of the Airnoise button.

  • If you are a networking nerd and have "MAC filtering" enabled on your network, the button won't be able to connect unless you add the button's MAC address to your whitelist. Contact Support if that's you.

  • If you are still a networking nerd and made a very limited number of IP addresses available on your network in the 192.168.0.x range, make sure there's one available for your button.

I'm using a 2.4GHz WiFi network, so what's the deal?

We now get to the second most common problem: your WiFi password. You are using the AWS 1-Click app to tell the button what your home's WiFi network name and password are so it can connect. If you tell it the wrong password, it can't connect.

No, no, I hear you, you know your password. In fact, all your devices are using it right now and are connected, and it hasn't changed in 10 years. You even have it written down on the back of the paper your cable guy gave you when he installed it four years ago.

If you don't have luck getting the button connected the first time or two, check your WiFi password. Your kid might have changed it when they were home from college, or that zero in your password is actually a capital O. Or it's all upper-case, not lower-case like you wrote it down. We've seen it all.

We're not judging, but humor us and verify your WiFi password is correct (see below) before you get all Snappy McAngryface on us. Crow is not very tasty.

Verify your WiFi password

The easiest way to verify your WiFi password is to "forget" your WiFi network on your mobile device, then reconnect to it, entering and REMEMBERING your password as you do.

Go into your mobile device's WiFi settings, select your home network, and click "Forget This Network" (iOS) or "FORGET" (Android). Then reselect your WiFi network and enter the password to reconnect. 

This is the only way to truly verify that the password you've been entering incorrectly into the 1-Click app for the last 30 minutes is actually wrong. If you have tried to configure your button more than twice unsuccessfully, please verify your WiFi password. It just takes a few seconds and will save you (and us) lots of frustration.

My WiFi password's right, this $%*&^ thing still won't work!

When you get to the step in the 1-Click app where you select your WiFi network and enter your password and then click the big "Confirm" button, keep an eye on the light on the physical Airnoise button. It will go from flashing blue to flashing white to, hopefully, solid green (for the Enterprise button, or solid blue for the Gen2 rechargeable device). If so, you got it, champ!

If not (and why else would you still be reading this?), you will most likely see the flashing blue light turn to flashing white then flashing red, or possibly solid red or solid orange. Or, in the case of the rechargeable button, the blue light on the button just keeps flashing while the 1-Click app lies to you and says "Successful!"

Original Airnoise Button error codes

For the non-rechargeable button, If the light flashes red, it SHOULD flash six times, in a group of three flashes repeated twice. These flashes will be long or short (relatively), for example, short-short-long. The pattern of short and/or long flashes encodes an error message.

If you have tried configuring the button once and ended up with the red flashes, try it again, but be sure to watch the light carefully to see if you can decode the pattern. You might even consider using your phone to video it (yeah, we know that's a challenge using the same phone - maybe use another device if you have one). 

If you are able to get a video of it, you can watch it several times or send it to us to review to see what error message is displayed. The chart below from Amazon shows what the various patterns mean, and we apologize for some of the overly-techie information listed:

The odds are you are seeing short-short-short (WiFi issues -- you do know your password, right?) or long-long-short (an issue with your network). If you see either of these, please move closer to your wireless router and try one more time.

Rechargeable Gen2 Button error codes

The new rechargeable button comes with a handy "Instruction Manual" insert beneath the button in the cardboard box that describes what the lights mean. Please see the insert for the details.

To reset the rechargeable button, you can open the case (use a butter knife) and remove and replace the battery, reattach the bottom of the case (being sure to align the notch for the charging cable by the charging port), then reconnect it to the USB-C power cable connected to power. This will reactivate the button and hopefully clear any issues.

I'm losing patience with this thing...

If you still can't get it connected, or you see the solid red or solid orange light, and you've done all the stuff here (not to harp on it, but you did read the instructions and verify your WiFi password, right?), please contact us. 

Don't try the configuration process 6 more times, don't wait 45 minutes while the blue light on the button in the 1-Click app flashes (it's just an animation). Please don't wait 1, 2, or 8 weeks to contact us and then say, "This thing has never worked!" 

We don't want you to be frustrated, especially since we realize you're using Airnoise because you're probably already frustrated by intrusive aircraft noise. We're trying to alleviate some of your stress, not add to it.

So just contact us using the little blue support icon you see in the bottom-right corner of this screen. Just click on it and get in touch with us and we'll do what it takes to get you going. 

In fact, if you're reading this and you're feeling frustrated, contact us right now! We'll either answer immediately or within an hour or so during normal business hours Pacific time.

What if my button is just defective?

Yes, while not very common, our vendors have sold some bad buttons, though every button we ship worked when we tested it before we shipped it out. The vendors have also had a few issues with the firmware (software embedded in the button's hardware) that have basically bricked some buttons. Anything's possible, really.

We will replace your button at no charge if it is in fact defective, but we'll need to do some troubleshooting with you to be sure. We are happy to arrange a phone call to walk you through the setup and troubleshooting. Again, just contact us -- we're here to help.

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