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Say Hello To Map Builder

Product Release: July 28, 2022

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AlphaMap's latest product release unveils the Map Builder feature, empowering users with the tools to customize and create personalized maps tailored to their specific needs. With Map Builder, users can now shape their mapping experience according to their unique preferences, providing a versatile and dynamic platform for exploration and analysis.

What's New?

Painlessly create custom professional maps for all your marketing materials.

The easy and intuitive Map Builder interface allows you to quickly add brand logos, callouts, shapes, text and more to a map. Combined with AlphaMap’s Report Builder you are now able to handle all your marketing and presentation needs in a single platform.

Additional Features Coming Soon:

  • Multi-Logo Callouts

  • Ability to bulk add Brands & Categories

  • Trade Area Overlays

  • Road Highlight Overlays

  • Car Traffic Overlays

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