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Email Template to Participants to Prepare for RL-24's
Email Template to Participants to Prepare for RL-24's

We strongly encourage informing your clients of the details needed to issue RL-24's.

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A child must be 16 years or younger during the taxation year in order to be eligible.

Access your client emails addresses by program in the Reports>Standard subtab (under the Activities section) and download the Email addresses of participants report.

Feel free to use this template when requesting that your participants update the information in their Amilia user accounts.


In preparation for the issuance of RL-24 tax credit slips, we ask that you kindly verify the accuracy of the following information in your Amilia account:

1. Who is receiving the RL-24 slip?

You can make changes in the contact section of your child's file. Please determine the percentages to be issued:

  • 100% - select the parent or legal guardian; or

  • 50/50 - select the parent or legal guardian as the primary person and determine the secondary person.

2. Your address is up-to-date.

You can verify your information in the Members section of your Amilia account. If there is a secondary person, ensure their address is up to date in the Contacts section of your child's file.

3. Make sure your social insurance number is on file. 

If there is a secondary person, ensure their social insurance number is indicated. This information is required as per the provincial government to generate the statement.

In addition, ensure SIN information is visible to each applicable organization by accessing the child's profile via the Members tab, scrolling under Forms by Organization and checking the box in the '? Other information for this organization' section.

It's important to check your Amilia account before ** ADD DATE **. Missing information will result in the inability to generate an RL-24 tax slip.

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