It is important to restrict access to each of your activities by making registration resale-membership-required. That way none of your clients will be able to register unless they have the proper membership!

 If you are using SmartRec as a Freemium client, you may skip this process as your clients will not be registering online.

Making memberships required to register for activities:

1. In order to restrict activities by resale membership, enable the memberships from the warehouse. For additional information on this topic, click here.

2. When creating or editing activities, be sure to link the membership to them.

  • Access Activities > Edit and click on the name of the activity to which you wish to link a membership.

  • Check off the membership(s) that should be linked to this activity.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you link more than one membership to a given activity, clients will be offered a choice between all these memberships. They must pick one to continue.

3. At the time of purchase, the system will check whether or not the client has one of the required memberships. If not, your clients will be obligated to purchase a membership in connection with the activity.

If you joined in SmartRec prior to membership resale becoming available with your Federation, you were instructed to create your own memberships, and we promised we would help you convert them later on. We totally will, too!

If you have sold memberships prior to resale becoming available, please contact us at

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