You can create a fundraising campaign to support your organization or any cause you want. This campaign will be displayed in your online store and you can even embed it into your organization website for more visibility.

Create a campaign

In order to put in place a campaign, go in Store>Fundraising:

  • Click on + New campaign to access the campaign creation screen.
  • Fill out the required info as explained below.

Details section

  • Write the Name and description of your campaign. The Description will appear in the quick view of your campaign and the Full description will be visible in the detail view of your campaign, when clicking on it. 
  • Select the appropriate Ledger code for your campaign.
  • Beginning date: Date this campaign takes effect and will be visible to clients.
  • Expiration date: Date this campaign will end on. It will no more be visible to clients. Do not put a date if you do not want the campaign ends on a specific date.
  • Check the Active campaign box to activate this campaign and make it visible in your store.
  • Check the Feature it in checkout box for this campaign to be displayed automatically on the purchase confirmation screen in the checkout process. This way, all customers who purchase an activity, a membership or a product will be able to donate, even if they have not visited the Fundraising tab.
  • If you want your customers to see the amount raised for this campaign, check the Display raised amount box.

Goal section

  • You can set a goal for your campaign by checking the box and writing the Goal amount you wish to reach.
  • Choose whether you want to display your goal amount in your store or not.
  • Show progress as percentage of goal amount: Check the box if you want to publish the progress as a percentage to encourage your clients to donate more.

Methods of payment section

  • Decide which methods of payment you wish to make available for this campaign. You may select one or multiple options.

Image section 

  • Click on Select an image to upload an image representing the campaign. This image must already be on your computer in order to be selected. It will be visible to your clients.
  • You can Crop the image in the Thumbnail to showcase the part of your image that you’d like to draw attention to.

Once all of the sections above are filled in, Save your campaign.

View your campaign progress

You can view the progress of the campaign in the State of the campaign section.

  • You can see how many donations have been made and the amount raised.
  • Click on See the donors list to have access to the name of the customers who made the donation, the amount donated, the status of the donation, as well as the corresponding invoice
  • Click on the invoice number to see the detailed invoice or click on the name of the donor to be redirected to the client's account, where you will be able to cancel the donation, when needed.

Embed your Campaign

The State of the campaign section also allows you to embed your fundraising campaign. You can either Embed this campaign or insert an Embeddable button into your website.

  • Click on Embed this campaign. You will have access to the HTML code you need to be able to embed this campaign wherever you want in your own web site. You can quickly customize your embedding by choosing a color. See the preview of your embedded campaign at the left of the screen.
  • Click on Embeddable button. You will have access to the HTML code you need to be able to embed this button wherever you want in your own web site. You can quickly customize your embedding by choosing a color and the text that will appear on the button. See the preview of your embedded button at the top right of the screen.

If you want to embed other tabs from your store directly into your website, click here

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