The resale import is a tool available to SmartRec administrators who are part of a SmartRec Federation.

Use this import to upload your client database into SmartRec while assigning each client a resale membership. Resale memberships are memberships which are configured by a SmartRec Federation and then sold by an organization on behalf of their Federation.

The import is completed using a template provided by SmartRec. Administrators must download the template, fill out the required fields, and then upload the completed template to import their clients with their resale memberships.

Access, Download, and Upload

To access the resale import, go to Memberships > Resale Import

Download and fill out the SmartRec import template.

The template is a CSV file. For most users, it will open in Excel. The file must remain a CSV when you save it. For more details on filling out the template, click here.

Once you have filled in the template, click on

to select the file on your computer. When the file is selected, its name appears on screen, right under the button.

Click on

and SmartRec will validate the information in your file

Validate Data

If SmartRec presents you with errors, fix them in your CSV. This might be missing required information, or invalid data formatting.

Once fixed, click on the 'Upload file' link and attempt the upload again. The file will not upload until ALL the errors are fixed.

The import is designed to recognize duplicates within the Federation. If the import can find an existing person with the same name, gender, and birthday, the existing data will be used.

Once the file is validated, click on

Import Data

When you import a client and assign them a resale membership, this creates an invoice at two levels:

1- In the client's individual account for the current set price of the membership

2- In your organization's corporate account for the original price of the membership, payable to your federation.

Tip: If you are importing as a Freemium organization, the import will create an invoice AND a payment in the client's account.

And you're done! Data has been imported. You can review the people you have imported in your Clients and/or Memberships tabs.

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