To buy something for a client, go in their account and click on Add Purchase.

This opens a shopping session in Admin view, where you can buy things for the account members and bypass restrictions. Orange buttons only show in this view.

Toggle to Client view to see the store like everyone else and only buy things for yourself. Click the gear to return to the back office.

  • Click on an item and choose who it's for. Click on Add another person if the account member's name isn't showing.

    • If there's installment options, always click to pay the amount now. At checkout, you'll be able to Skip and pay later and then create custom installment payments directly in the client's billing.

Go to Checkout

When it's time to go, click View cart and then Checkout. On the order form (step 1), admins with the right permission can add custom fees or rebates to the invoice.

  • At Step 2, answer the questions on the registration form. You'll have a form to complete for each account member that is registering. Luckily as an admin, you might not have to complete that form ;)

  • When you select an amount to pay:

    • You can pay $ online with a client's saved credit card or eCheck only if your organization is authorized. This includes updating an expired credit card at checkout.

    • You can pay $ offline and record the payment right now, or you can skip and pay later if you prefer to make a payment in the client's billing a bit later.

✉️ A notification is sent to the account owner's email (you can see this email in the Account members tab, under the member's Personal info) If no email address is recorded there, an email is sent to the account owner's username email address. 

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