Unlike a Multipass that can only be used for a specific participant, a Family Multipass can be used by any member in a client's account. 

A Family Multipass is very similar to a regular Multipass. However, there are differences when purchasing a Family Multipass and viewing it in the client's account. 

Purchase a Family Multipass

No account member is selected when adding a Family Multipass to the cart.

  • At checkout, the client must ensure the contact information for each account member is up to date.  

  • Discounts can be offered on Family Multipasses and are applied to the client's shopping cart at checkout.

View a Family Multipass in the Client's Account

In the Purchases subtab in the client's account, scroll past the name(s) of the account member(s) to the 'Family MultiPasses' section.  

  • Click on Reservations to see which class is reserved with a Family Multipass. 

  • To see which participant the pass was used for, you must verify the invoice linked to the specific reservation. 

For everything else related to creating and managing Family Multipasses, refer to this article about Multipasses. 

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