All the information about a participant can be found in their client account. A client account is comprised of an adult account owner (18 yrs+) and (if applicable) their account members (additional participants who belong to the account owner's family).

The account owner manages their information by logging in to their user account.  An organization administrator can view and edit the client's account via the Clients tab. 

How it Works

1. Create a New Client Account
    - Edit a Client Account

2. What to Expect in a Client's Account
    - Account Members
    - Client Billing
    - Purchases
    - Skills (optional)
    - Membership Cards (optional)
    - Documents
    - Add Purchase

1. Create a New Client Account

Via the Clients>Accounts subtab:

  • Click Operations> + Add new account

  • Enter the account owner's information. All invoices, account statements and communications will be addressed to the account owner, who must be an adult.

  • Enter the account owner's email address. Amilia will check the following:
    - Is this email address  valid?
    - Does this user's email address already exist in your client list?
    - Does this user's information match an existing client in Amilia's database? 

  • If you do not enter an email address, you can still create the client account. However, your client will be unable to login and access the client account you've created for them. Your organization will be wholly responsible for managing and updating the account. 

  • Click Save. 

NOTE: When an administrator includes an email when creating an account for their client, an activation request is automatically sent to the client. The client must validate the account in order to choose a password, log in, and start registering online.  Click here to learn more about sending activation requests to your clients.  

Edit a Client Account

If the account owner has a valid username, they can login to their user account and make changes to their information. 

Administrators can also make changes to a client's account via the Clients tab. 

  • Within the account, click on the Account Members subtab and click on the name of the desired participant. 

  • Click on the applicable section you need to edit. For example, if you need to edit an email address used for communications, open the Personal Info section and edit the appropriate email field. 

  • If you do not see the field you are looking for, set the drop down Forms menu (at the top) to All. 

  • If there are required questions that have not been filled out in the forms, you will be required to answer those questions prior to saving your changes. 

  • NOTE: You cannot edit an account owner's username email (the email they use to login to their account). Only a client can change their own username by logging into their user account and making the change via the Settings tab. 

  • Don't forget to Save!

2. What to Expect in a Client's Account

Upon creating a new account or clicking on an existing one, you will have access to the following subtabs within the client's account:

Account Members

  • View and manage any member's profile within the client account. You can add/edit the information yourself,  or wait for the client to login and fill out the necessary registration forms when making a purchase in your online store. 

  • Click + Add a person to add additional members (of any age) to the account. The account owner is responsible for this person. Don't forget to Save!

Client Billing

  • Invoices and payments made for any member within the account is displayed here. Click on the + icon to the right of any invoice, payment and/or credit memo to view more details and perform certain functions. 

  • View whether a client has a balance or credit in their account. 

  • Manage their billing account and generate statements by clicking Operations


  • Displays the name of each account member and lists the purchases made for each one. 

  • Displays purchased Merchandise, Family MultiPasses, Facility Bookings and/or Family memberships further down the page. 

  • Displays cancellations per account member at the bottom of the page. 

Skills (Optional)

  • This subtab appears in your client's file if your organization uses the Skills feature.  Skills can be added, reassigned or removed per account member. 

Membership Cards (Optional)

  • This subtab appears if your organization offers a membership that generates a membership card


  • This subtab houses RL-24 tax receipts that may have been issued to a participant within the account.  This is only available for certain types of organizations in Quebec. 

Add Purchase

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