The App Store is here to help you customize Amilia to work the way you do. With the App Store you can declutter your back office to retain the apps you love and use regularly and disable the ones that go unutilized. The best part is, we’ve done the legwork to make sure that all the apps work well together so that you and your clients can enjoy a seamless experience.

The ‘Apps’ tab will now appear in your sidebar as seen below. You can click on it to access the Amilia App Store.

What can I find in the Amilia App Store?

  1. Apps by Amilia – these are a collection of new apps that we have developed as well as existing Amilia features that have been “appified” to help you declutter and customize your back office. Access Management, Cancellation Policies and Private Lessons are examples of Apps by Amilia.

  2. Partner Apps – our Partners complement the Amilia solution so you can meet your unique business needs under one roof without worrying about whether the integrations are compatible. Access the best tools in the business, be it health data management, skill tracking, marketing or something else. Activity Messenger, Constant Contact, Privit are examples of Partner Apps.

How do I search for apps?

You can search for apps by name, category or keyword by using the search function or you can filter them by using the categories menu as seen below.

What will my “default” back office look like?

Starting June 18, 2020, your Amilia back office will only contain the apps you use the most based on platform usage data. For example, if you regularly use Memberships, Facilities, and Discounts then they will appear in your back office sidebar. Whereas if you rarely use certain others such as Skills or Point of Sale then they will cease to appear. But don’t worry, you can always visit the App Store and activate the Apps you want but don’t see in your back office default.

How do I activate / disable apps?

Whenever you want to activate / disable apps, you can do so directly from the App Store by following these steps.

To activate:

Step 01: Access the App Store by clicking on ‘Apps’ in the sidebar.

Step 02: Click on the app you want and click on ‘Activate’ as seen below.

To disable:

Step 01: Access the App Store by clicking on ‘Apps’ in the sidebar.

Step 02: Click on the ‘Installed’ filter in the menu to access installed apps.

Step 03: Click on the app you want and click on ‘Disable’ as seen below.

How does app pricing work?

The App Store has a mix of free and paid apps. While the free apps are, of course, free to install and use, you will be charged for the paid apps you install based on the plan you pick.

Pricing in the App Store is broken down as seen below:

For example, if you activate the Activity Messenger app, you will be charged $25 per month. Charges for paid partner apps will appear as a line item in your monthly Amilia statement.

Can I activate/disable apps whenever I want? How will I be charged?

Yes, you can. For paid apps however, the monthly billing period begins the day the app is activated. If you choose to cancel your app subscription, you must do so at least 24 hours before the current period ends. Otherwise, your account will automatically be charged for the following month. For instance, if you activate a paid app on June 15, your billing cycle will be June 15-July 15, July 15-August 15 and so on. This period will appear on your monthly Amilia statement as a line item, but you will receive a separate invoice raised by Amilia or the partner themselves depending on the paid app. While you can stop using/disable paid apps at any point during your billing cycle, you will be charged for the entire month (at least for now).

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