The Wallet stores your saved credit card(s) and bank account(s), making it easy to manage your payment details, authorizations and automated payments.

1. How to use the Wallet

πŸ’³ Add a credit card (or a bank account)

You can add up to 10 credit cards and 10 bank accounts to choose from (when paying at checkout).

πŸ”“ Add or remove an authorization

Authorized organizations have permission to charge the card (or bank account) when making a purchase on your behalf, update an expired credit card at checkout and pay off an outstanding balance. Select the payment method and click the Authorizations field to grant or revoke permission. Click here to learn more.

✏️ Edit details on an existing payment method

To change an account number, expiration date and/or billing address, select the payment method, followed by the Replace button. Complete all fields and click Replace again to save. Authorizations and upcoming payments (if any) are transferred from the old card/account to the new one in most cases. Click here to learn more.

πŸ—‘οΈ Delete a payment method

Select a payment method and click the Delete button to remove it. If a credit card or bank account is linked to an upcoming payment, you can Replace it instead.

Click here to learn more.

πŸ“† View Upcoming payments

This section displays all your planned installment payments and your next subscription payment(s). You can edit the payment method on any upcoming payment with any of your saved credit card(s) or bank account(s). This in turn updates all future payments linked to the payment plan.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked to confirm my email address?

Having full access to your wallet gives you the ability to add, edit and/or remove payment methods. Confirm your email address (one time only) by following the steps in the verification email. Afterwards, this prompt will disappear.

If I add a payment method in my Wallet, do I have to use it at checkout?

The payment methods in your Wallet are available for use in the store at checkout. Otherwise, you can use a different card or different bank account, and even opt to save it alongside your existing saved payment methods (if there's room).

πŸ‘‰ You won't have the option to save a different card (or bank account) at checkout if you already have 10 credit cards and 10 bank accounts stored in your Wallet.

When should I give authorization to an organization?

An authorization allows the organization's admin to charge the payment method when they make a purchase on your behalf or to clear an outstanding balance.

  • Add/remove authorizations for any organization whose store you've visited.

  • An organization can still charge the credit card (or bank account) for any upcoming payments you have planned with them, regardless of authorizations.

  • An authorized organization can update an expired credit card if they're making a purchase on your behalf.

  • An organization must have authorization to use the payment method if it's being used to pay for a subscription or planned payments.

What happens when I want to update a payment method in the Wallet?

If any information needs to be updated on a credit card or bank account, you must select the payment method, click the Replace button and complete the entire form (even if some information remains the same).

You can update expired credits directly at checkout as well.

What if I replace a payment method that is linked to an upcoming payment?

When you replace a credit card or bank account, any upcoming payment(s) will proceed using the updated payment details, apart from one exception.

  • Upcoming payments are not transferred if the original card or bank account was not saved before or during checkout at the time you made the initial purchase. This would be the case if you made a purchase and provided your payment information over the phone with an organization's administrator.

To be clear, if you replace a payment method (even if it's only to update the billing address), upcoming payments are only transferred if the original card or bank account was already saved in your user account or saved at checkout when you initially purchased your item(s) that are linked to the planned payments.

πŸ‘‰ If this isn't the case, contact the organization(s) so they too can update your payment information on their end.

Why aren't all of my payment methods available for selection when I try to change the method on an upcoming payment?

If you're changing a payment method on an upcoming payment, you'll only be offered to choose from the payment methods allowed.

For example, if a subscription doesn't allow for bank accounts, you won't see them appear for selection. You'll only be able to choose a credit card.

What if I want to delete a payment method linked to an upcoming payment?

Deleting a saved credit card or bank account removes the details completely and revokes all authorizations linked to it.

You can't delete a payment method if it's linked to upcoming payments. If you don't intend on replacing it with updated information, contact the organization to delete the upcoming payment(s) on their end. Once these are canceled, you will have the option to delete the payment method.

Can an administrator add a payment method to the Wallet?

Yes, if you give your credit card or bank account information to an administrator directly for the purpose of making a purchase and payment for you. They can save the card or bank account to the Wallet if it isn't done already. Of course, if you don't want them to save it, you can let them know.

If an administrator saves the payment method to the Wallet, their organization is also given authorization to charge it for future agreed-upon purchases. You can grant or revoke authorizations as you see fit, but remember that an organization needs to be authorized to use a credit card or bank account if it's linked to a subscription or planned payments.

❗ You must have logged into your personal account at least once in order for an admin to be able to save payment info to your Wallet.

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