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How to Temporarily Reduce My Tasks and Service Locations
How to Temporarily Reduce My Tasks and Service Locations

Instead of pausing your leads, you can temporarily reduce the tasks and ZIP code coverage you offer so that you receive fewer leads.

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If you’re too busy to take on certain types of work, but don't want to pause your leads, you can turn on short-term coverage. Changing this setting reduces the tasks and ZIP code coverage you offer, presenting fewer options than your standard coverage. This allows you to choose the types of leads you do and don’t want to receive right now.

To get started with short-term coverage, please give us a call at (877) 947-3639 or send us a chat message - we'll help you set your tasks and ZIP codes. Once we've helped you set up your short-term coverage, you'll be able to manage when it's enabled on the Angi for Pros site.

How to enable short-term "busy" coverage:

  1. Sign in to your business account at

  2. Under the Leads tab, click "Manage lead volume."

  3. Next to Need fewer leads, click "Schedule."

  4. Enter the start and end dates that you want your short-term coverage enabled. Click "Save."

  5. You'll see a success message once active. If you need to switch back to your standard coverage, click "Modify dates."

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If you have questions or experience any issues, start a chat with us during business hours and one of our Support Specialists will be able to assist!

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