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How to Request Homeowner Reviews

It's easy to request reviews from your current and past customers.

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You can request reviews from both Angi and non-Angi customers right from the Angi Leads Pro app and Angi Leads site.

Angi Leads Pro app:

  1. Open the Angi Leads Pro app.

  2. Click the Reviews tab and then select the option that works best for you.

  3. Review request options include:

    • Click Request More Reviews to request reviews from non-Angi customers.

    • Copy your shareable link to request reviews via email, text, or social media.

    • Click Request Review next to customers that found you via Angi.

Angi Leads site:

  1. Sign in to the Angi Leads site.

  2. Click the Reviews tab and then Request More Reviews.

  3. Option 1: Request reviews from Angi customers by checking the box next to their name and then clicking Request Reviews at the bottom of the page. We'll send the customer an email to review your company.

  4. Option 2: Send your personalized review page by copying and pasting the link into your invoices, social media, and emails.

    • To copy, right click on the link and select Copy link address.

    • To paste, right click where you want to insert the link and select Paste.

Additional resources:

If you have questions or are experiencing any issues, start a chat with us during business hours and one of our Support Specialists will be able to assist!

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