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Keyword Rankings allows you to see the keywords that you and your competitors already rank for. Keyword Rankings will also show you keywords that you aren't tracking yet. 

Select the app you'd like to see top-ranked keywords for. You can choose your app or a competitor.

By clicking on the drop-down menu next to the app menu, you can choose a country to see your or your competitor ranking keywords for that locale.

Keyword Rankings displays the following data:

  • Keyword: The keyword your app is currently ranking for

  • Current Rank: Your current ranking position for that keyword.

  • Metadata: How often that keyword occurs in the app store listing

  • Search Volume: The higher the search volume is, the more people are searching for that keyword in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  • Difficulty: How challenging it is to rank in the app stores for that keyword

  • Apps: The number of apps ranking for that keyword

  • Owner: The app that most often ranks #1 for that keyword

  • Live Search: See the real-time app store search results for that keyword

  • Track Keyword: Add keyword to your Keyword Tracking list

You can track individual keywords by clicking on the plus button under the column "Track Keyword". Or you can do so for multiple keywords by checking the box next to each keyword you want to track and then click on "track # keywords". 

You can also export the whole keyword ranking list as a CSV File.

You can rearrange the order of the keywords based on what you want to analyze. Just click once for ascending order or twice for descending order. You can choose the order based on Alphabetic order by (click on Keyword), Current Rank, Search Volume, Difficulty, and Apps.

It's also possible to select a search volume range for keywords.

EXPERT plan users can also find the toggle “Show English Translation for Keywords” for all locals, for a simplified keyword research in all locals.

Keyword Tagging Functionality

You can also tag keyword features with multiselector for easier keyword research.

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