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Reply to reviews that your app receives in Google Play and the Apple App Store

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Reviews is an extremely useful feature. It allows you to reply to reviews that your app receives in Google Play and the Apple App Store. The responses that you submit in this feature are automatically sent to Google Play Console and App Store Connect. So after you submit, there's no other action needed. But, keep in mind, it can take up to 24 hours for your responses to be published.

How Does Reviews Feature Work?

In Reviews, you can manage, analyze, and respond to your reviews.

On the top bar, you can see when was the last time that App Radar imported your reviews, and you can also export your review as a CSV file.

Within the Reviews feature, you can also have a summary of your ratings during the selected date range.

Sorting Through Your App Reviews

There are several filters you can use to sort through your reviews. These are:

  • Date Range

  • Country

  • Answered, unanswered, and edited reviews

  • App version

  • Star rating

  • You can also sort your reviews by feedback or date

Replying to Your App's Reviews

Once you've found an app review you'd like to reply to, simply click on "reply".

You can reply by:

  • typing a response in the text box

  • using a ready-made reply template

  • creating your own reply template

If you realize you made a mistake in your reply or would like to edit your reply, you can do so after you've submitted it. Just go back to the review and click "edit reply".

You can also save your reply as a template for later use by clicking "Save reply as template".

After you save a reply as a template, you can manage it in the Templates feature.

If the review isn't in your language, you can easily translate it to English.

Sharing your Reviews

You can also share any review by email.


Create templates to reply to reviews even faster

How to Create Templates

To create a template follow these steps:

1. Create a new folder and name the folder

2. Create a new template and name the template

After you've created a new folder and a new template, you can edit or delete them by pressing "edit" and "delete." You can also see how many times the template was used under the column "Use Count."

You can filter templates by using the search box.

How to Use Templates

To use a template, go to the Review feature. Choose a review to reply to and press "reply". Then you'll see your top 3 most used templates.

In order to view more templates, press "Select from templates".

You can then select from all the templates that you've created.

Review Alerts

Get notified when your app gets a new review

Review Alerts notifies you when your app gets a new review. That way you can respond to the review more promptly. You'll also be able to identify and fix bugs quicker.

Where to Find Review Alerts

You can find Review Alerts on the left side menu under Configuration --> Reports --> Review Alert

How to Set Up Review Alerts

It's easy to set up Review Alerts. You can send these alerts to your email or to a Slack channel.


1. Choose Email Alert

2. Enter the email you'd like to receive alerts to and confirm


1. Choose Slack Alert

2. Connect the Slack Channel you'd like to receive alerts in and confirm

Managing Your Review Alerts:

After you've set up your Review Alerts you can manage them by turning them on and off or deleting them.

I've connected my app and I still can't reply to reviews

For Apple App Store apps

If you've connected an iOS app, please make sure that you have the "Customer Support" role. This is needed to view and respond to ratings and reviews.

For Google Play apps

If you've connected an Android app, please make sure that you have checked the "Reply to Reviews" box in the User feedback permissions. This is needed to respond to ratings and reviews.

If you're still experiencing problems, please email

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