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Why Can't I Reply to My App's Reviews?
Why Can't I Reply to My App's Reviews?

Reasons & solutions for troubleshooting your access to review management.

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With your App Radar account, you can reply to your Google Play and App Store reviews easily and with pre-made templates.

Note: for replying to reviews, a connection with App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console is necessary. Learn how to set it up here for Apple and here for Google.

4 Reasons Why You Cannot Reply to Reviews

In case you're not able to view and/or reply to your reviews from App Radar, try to troubleshoot your access as instructed below.

1. Missing Correct User Role/Permission

For iOS apps, make sure that you have the "Customer Support" role set in App Store Connect.

For Android apps, make sure that you have checked the "Reply to Reviews" box in the User feedback permissions in Google Play Console.

2. Limited Team Member Access in App Radar

Check if all team members are having the same issue and if the specific team member has the correct user role to "Edit & Answer to Reviews" in App Radar.

Go to "My Team" --> "Edit Permissions" to check this.

3. The Review Got Deleted

If you cannot reply to a review for your Android app, chances are that the user who gave it, has decided to delete it. Then you see this kind of error on your App Radar account:

After the next sync with Google Play Store, this review will be removed also from your App Radar account.

4. Connection to the App Stores Is Temporarily Unavailable

It can happen that the moment you're trying to reply to your review, the sync between your App Radar account and App Store/Google Play is temporarily unavailable.

If this happens, please simply try again within the next 30 minutes.


If the issue remains, please reach out to with screenshots of the problem. We're here to help!

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