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How to do competitor analysis in App Radar?
How to do competitor analysis in App Radar?

Get inspiration from your competitors and learn from category leaders

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In order or to creative a well-performing ASO strategy, you first need to understand your competitors. See also: How to do a Metadata update (Step-by Step guide).

  1. Add all relevant competitors in the Competitor Section.

  2. Check out their store listing (Competitors β†’ Overview) and over all performance when clicking on their name:

You will find:

  1. Search Ads Score

  2. Featurings

  3. Top 100/ 30 / 10 / 1 Rankings

  4. Ratings

  5. Reviews and Answers to reviews (for this you need to go into the actual store listing)

  1. Check out their Creatives (Competitors β†’ Creatives) and see

    1. if they are localized in multiple countries (translated text etc.)

    2. their Creative strategy (overlapping creatives, in-app experience etc.)

    3. Their preview/ promo videos

  2. Check out their update frequency

    1. Go to the App Timeline feature

    2. Select a timeframe, e.g. last 3 months

    3. Check out what kind of updates they did (Version, Metadata, Creatives, etc.) to understand their ASO strategy

  3. Find out on which keywords they are ranking

    1. Go to ANALYZE KEYWORDS β†’ Keywords β†’ Rankings and select your wished competitor(s) on the drop-down menu on the top left side

    2. Gather information on their keyword strategy

    3. Add/Track relevant keywords your competitors are ranking on for your own ASO strategy.

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