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How to do a Metadata update (Step-by Step guide)
How to do a Metadata update (Step-by Step guide)

A workflow to make your app updates more successful.

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Once you are a bit more familiar with the tool, we suggest the following steps for a successful update:

  1. Add as many relevant competitors as possible to your competitors' overview. (Competitors).

  2. Go to the "KEYWORDS" section and start with investigating your own keywords rankings (Keyword Rankings). Track the keywords you would like to build your keyword strategy

  3. Mix up your keyword strategy by not only focusing on keywords with a very high search volume (50 or higher) but also adding keywords with a search volume between 20 and 40.

  4. Check out your competitors`keyword rankings and track the competitor keywords you would like to rank for as well, so you can implement those into your metadata fields (What is metadata?).

  5. Switch to "FINDER" (Left-hand menu: ANALYZE KEYWORDS →Keywords → Finder) and enter keywords into the "autocomplete" section that describe your app to see suggestions. If you find a keyword combination that looks interesting based on the search volume and difficulty, track those as well (Keyword Finder).

  6. The "Tracking suggestions" feature is AI-powered and will give you suggestions for keywords you could implement as well. The more often you "reject or track" keywords there, the more sophisticated the suggestions will become, since the AI algorithm is learning.

  7. The goal should be to have as many keywords as possible added to your TRACKING dashboard for all important markets/locals.

  8. Go to "ASO score" and check your localization score for your most significant markets. If the score is too low, focus on those markets and try to improve your metadata there. We suggest tracking around 100-150 keywords to build the first keyword backlog (Keyword Tracking).

  9. Optimize your metadata in the Store Listing Editor (update frequency 4-7 weeks) consistently to trigger the algorithm (Store Listing Editor).

General ASO tips for iOS

  • Don't use duplicates in your metadata, the algorithm will automatically combine keywords across the metadata fields and it does not add any additional value if you repeat keywords. The Store Listing Editor will show you, if you used any by accident.

  • The app name field is the most important one, followed by the subtitle, and the keyword field.

  • Try to place your most important keywords in the app name field or in the subtitle.

General ASO tips for Google

  • Repeat your most important keywords. Be careful, about keyword spamming, the highest density (for the keyword repetition) should be around 3%.

  • Try to also place your most important keywords in the title or the short description.

  • Try to keep the long description to a maximum of 3800 characters and use HTML tags and emojis to make your long description more attractive.

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