How to use tags in App Radar?

In order to simplify your metadata update, App Radar has created tags, to mark specific keywords in your research.

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Under ANALYZE KEYWORDS and Tracking, you can find above the keyword table a few tag suggestions, like “Favorites” or “Competitor”:

You can create tags like “title”, “subtitle”, “keyword filed” and/or “long description” in order to prefilter your keywords, and make your metadata update easier later.

Pro Tip: When you start optimizing the Store Listings try to create tags like "ASO- month" e.g. ASO-01-2022. This helps to analyse the next month's ASO Update and see how the rankings changed from one update to the next.

To do that, you need to click on the three dots next to the tag suggestions and select “Manage tags”:

Then you “Enter new tag” (e.g. “title”) and “Add new tag”.

After this, you can start tagging your keywords. Next to every keyword in the table is a tag symbol:

You can click this, select your tag and continue with this process. The tag will then look like this:

After you have tagged everything, you can go to the Store Listing Editor, select the tagged works on the right side and finish your metadata update:

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