You can customize your subscription widget by logging in to your Merchant admin page of the Appstle Subscriptions app, and clicking on ‘Customize’.

Under the ‘Customize’ section, you will be able to customize:

1. Subscription Widget settings

2. Customer Portal Settings

3. Custom CSS

Subscription Widget settings

1. Widget labels

In ‘widget labels’ you can customize all the labels associated with the Subscriptions you provide your customers. These are the labels that your customers will see and navigate through, to set up and manage a recurring order for any product in your store.

2. Widget Appearance

In ‘widget appearance’, you can customize the look and feel of the subscription widget to match your store theme and brand.

Customer Portal Settings

Under Customer Portal Settings you can customize the names of all the labels which your customers will see in their user/profile or order snapshot page in your website. This is the page which your customers will use, to manage their subscriptions. Making it as user (customer) friendly as possible, will definitely win you some brownie points from your customers!

Also, you can easily manage the Customer Portal Permission settings, to provide your customers with options to cancel or change the frequency or swap the products of their subscriptions.

We are currently working on adding more features to the customer portal. Please keep visiting the settings in your admin page regularly, to get the latest features.

Custom CSS

Appstle is an easy & ready to use Plug and Play tool, which requires zero coding knowledge. But we do know that there are some merchants who like to own and customize the code (CSS). If you are one of them, Appstle definitely takes care of you!

Our Custom CSS and Subscription widget setting enables you to provide your own Custom CSS and customize the look and feel of the subscription widget.

If you are facing any trouble configuring the subscriptions, or are looking for more features, you can reach out to us at, or just ping us through our chat widget. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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