12.2. Build-a-box
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An attractive model that can be offered in terms of recurring revenue is build-a-box. Customers like it because they can create their own “virtual box” for subscriptions, having content/items of their own choosing.

A build-a-box is a subscription model type that can be applied to any category of products, such as cosmetics, coffee, tea, food-delivery, etc.

A common model type is an energy drink subscription. Consider your store is selling 12 different flavors of energy drinks. You can list those flavors on the build-a-box page, then have customers make their own crate of 24-cans and ship it to them every month. Depending upon various customers' needs, they can either select different flavor combinations or the same flavor for all 24 cans.

Moreover, you can offer an additional build-a-box discount to entice customers to purchase in bulk.

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