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What are loyalty points?

They are points your customers can get by participating in your loyalty program. Once they have accrued enough, they can then spend them on various benefits you set for your store. You can view the different rewards we offer in our app here.

Points are obtained through activity rules. You can read more about activity rules and the rules we offer in our app here.

Point Statuses

In Appstle Loyalty, both the number of points customers have on record and their statuses are viewable in the Customers section. You will be greeted by a page that contains all of your customers, and clicking to View their details will take you to a new page where you can view a breakdown of their orders and their points.

Points can be one of three different statuses:

Approved - When a purchase is made, and points have been provided (either automatically or from being manually approved in this section by the merchant).

Pending - Neutral state points will be in until either approved or rejected.

Rejected - Points will not be rewarded to a customer (ex: if an order was canceled).

Giving/Removing Points Manually

In addition to approving or rejecting orders, it is also possible to give or remove points manually in this section. Simply go the Actions dropdown in the upper-right and select either Give Points or Remove Points.

Doing so will bring up a pop-up menu where you can enter the number of points, change between a give and remove option, and even provide a reason for it, if needed.

When you are finished, hit Save to finalize.

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