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What are Activity Rules?
What are Activity Rules?
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Activity rules are a set of guidelines for customers to follow in order to gain points, which can be later redeemed for rewards. You, as the merchant, define activity rules from within the application.

Value of Loyalty Points

Naturally, no two loyalty programs are going to be the same; some will offer more points for dollars spent than others. Therefore, it is important that when you are looking to set up a loyalty program that you find the ideal points to dollars spent ratio for your specific situation, and translate that into both the points that can be earned from activity rules and the cost of the rewards that can be claimed.

To use a simple example to illustrate, let's say that your business operates on a 10:1 ratio of points to dollars spent, and you configure an activity rule for purchases (meaning ANY purchase of a product in your store will provide points). You then create a reward which provides a flat $5 discount towards a purchase that can be redeemed for 1000 points.

This means that for every $100 a customer spends in your store, they will earn 1000 points, which can then be redeemed for $5 off their next purchase.

Effectively, this is a 5% cash back reward for every $100 spent in your store!

You can try extrapolating from the example above and adjust the figures however you see fit to apply to your own loyalty program.

List of Activity Rules We Offer

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