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How to Offer Build-a-Box As a One-Time Purchase
How to Offer Build-a-Box As a One-Time Purchase
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Under normal circumstances, Build-a-box does not function with one-time purchases, only with proper subscription plans. However, if you are interested in offering a Build-a-box as one-time purchases, there is a workaround, which we will show here.
For more information about Appstle's Build-a-box feature, please refer to this article here.

If you have not already, make sure to create a subscription plan in Manage Plans.

For more information on creating subscription plans in Appstle Subscriptions, please refer to this article here.

First, make sure the subscription plan type is set to Pay As You Go.

Then click to reveal Advanced Options. The field of interest here is Maximum Number of Orders, which should be set as 1.

In doing this, when the Build-a-box subscription is created, only the first order of the subscription will be placed. Immediately after, that same subscription will be put into a Paused state, preventing any further billings, and effectively becoming a one-time purchase.

Click to Save the plan when you are done. Now when you configure this subscription plan to your build-a-box, it should work as a one-time purchase!

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