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How To Set Up a Minimum Order Value
How To Set Up a Minimum Order Value
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In this article, we will cover how to set up a minimum order value when configuring shipping profiles.

To set this up, you will need to create a Delivery profile. Settings (More) > General Settings > Shipping Profile - Add/Manage.

Type in a name for your profile in the field that pops up then hit Create. We suggest making it intuitive with subscription purchases.

Next, click Edit Subscription Plans and choose any of your subscription plans you want to associate this profile with. For more information on how to configure subscription plans, please refer to our dedicated help doc here.

You can even approach rates with more granularity, giving some categories of subscription products one shipping rate, while other products have another. If you choose to do this, be sure to click Create Shipping Profile in the upper-right to create additional plans.

To add rates, click on Edit in Shopify, which will open up the Shipping and Delivery section in your Shopify settings in a new tab.

This section here will list out all of the locations that are enabled in your store and have the subscription products chosen in stock. Click add rates to bring up a pop-up where you can set your shipping zones.

This example store is based in the US, and we will show an example of domestic shipping, so we will just select US from this list.

Once you have set your zone(s), click Add rate.

Select an option from Transit time then set a price.

As an example, this profile is for free shipping.

Configure conditional pricing if you want to factor in item weight or order price.

As the focus of this article is on order price, select that option. The example profile above is for Free Shipping on orders $50 or higher, but feel free to adjust these values as you see fit for your own business.

If you want to deliver to additional places, click to create more zones and repeat this same process.

Hit Save in the upper right when you are done.

You can come back to the Shipping Profile section in Appstle anytime if you need to view your shipping profiles’ details or edit anything in them.

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