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13.1 Implementing B2B/B2C Subscription/Membership Models
13.1 Implementing B2B/B2C Subscription/Membership Models
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If your business works with both B2B and B2C models, there may often be concerns about differentiating who falls into what category upon purchasing your subscription/membership products.

A way to deal with these situations is checking the purchase information yourself, as the merchant, to determine whether the one purchasing is a business (B2B) or an individual customer (B2C), then either approve or decline the purchase.

Although Appstle Subscriptions and Memberships does not provide this functionality out the box, there is a workaround solution for this in both apps when configuring subscription/membership plans.

First, ensure that you have created the proper product(s) in the Products section of your Shopify Admin. The example below is for a tier of membership (for the membership app).

Then configure a subscription or membership plan, depending on the app you are looking to use. For more information on how to configure, please refer to our docs for subscription and membership plans here and here, respectively.

Ensure that you set an appropriate tag name in either app to help keep track of your customers purchasing your products.

For the Subscription app, ensure that the plan type you are configuring is either Pay As You Go or Prepaid Auto Renew.

Set Default (only initial order) in Minimum Number of Orders, and set 1 in Maximum Number of Orders.

Likewise, for the Membership app, Set 1 in both Minimum and Maximum Membership Renewal.

After saving your plans in either app, the purchase options will be available in your store.

The parameters set will ensure that customers' orders will come through Appstle in a Paused state, as shown below.

This will replicate a pending purchase system where your team now has the freedom to check on these pending purchases and either approve (Activate) or decline (Cancel) them.

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