View, add, edit, and remove devices/cameras in your organization.

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You can manage your devices by clicking the wrench icon on the left navigation bar.

From here, you can add, edit and remove gateways and cameras, and view all the devices attached to your organization. You also have the option to search by name, and filter by Site, location, type, and status.

If you want to know how to change a device's name, check out our Change Device Name Article.

Adding Cameras

Click the '+' button and select Add Camera from the dropdown menu. Select the Gateway that the camera should connect to. You will be redirected to the installation wizard to configure camera settings.

Step 1 - Discover Camera
This section will prompt a user to add the camera’s IP address, username, and password to connect. The wizard will auto-detect cameras within your same network. If a camera is not found, you have the option to manually add a camera by clicking the '+' button.

Note: Default camera usernames and passwords are not accepted. Ensure cameras you are attempting to connect are on the same network as the gateway.

Please refer to the FAQ if you run into issues adding a camera.

Step 2 - Motion Detection
Configure motion detection settings for each camera.

Step 3 - Recording Schedules
Allows you to configure recording schedules for each camera.

Step 4 - Storage
Allows you to set the storage retention time for each channel.

Note: If the DHCP settings change and a camera obtains a new IP-address, the camera needs to be re-added as a new device.

Cameras with Multiple Channels

After adding a camera that has multiple channels, you can select and deselect additional channels by going to the Connected tab and clicking the arrow next to the camera in question. This will open a drawer, where you can enable, disable, and rename specific channels.

Viewing Your Cameras

Once the camera installation wizard process is completed, you will return to Devices. Results can be filtered by type, status, site, or location. You can also edit device settings, configure analytics, or remove a device.

When you click on a device, a panel on the side will open, giving you various pieces of information and options. There are four different tabs, each with different purposes:

  • Overview

  • Storage

  • Analytics

  • Network


This tab will show you basic information about your device at a glance.


This tab enables you to view and change cloud storage preferences.


The Analytics tab gives you the power to add and configure various cloud video analytics like heat maps, as well as Device & Edge Analytics including Video Motion Detection.


This tab is a handy tool to debug issue with devices, including the possibility to ping a device.

Downloading a List of Your Devices

On the devices list you have the option to download a CSV file of your available devices. Just click on the ellipsis on the top right and select Download as CSV.

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