From the 'People' page, you can add, remove, or edit a user or a group. Be sure to carefully select which roles you assign to new users as it will determine their level of access within the Organization.

Roles and Permissions

A role is a bundle of permissions that you can assign to a user. A user can have multiple roles assigned to them (e.g., IT Manager, Security Operator). For more information, check out our Roles Article.


Adding a User

To add a user, click the blue '+' symbol, and a modal will appear. 

In the 'Add a User' Modal, Last Name and Email are optional; however, an email is required to send an invite to a user to complete registration. This design enables an admin to add multiple users at one go and have the option to then add roles and site access before sending an invite email.

Following are the two scenarios:

  1. No Email entered

  • Add 'First Name'

  • Add 'Last Name'

  • Click on 'Save'

  • Arcules Portal Access Modal is displayed

  • In this scenario, the email field will be empty. Once you have assigned Roles and Site access, you will require to add the email before clicking on 'Send Invite.'

        2. Email Entered

  • In this scenario, the email field will be populated. Make sure that you have assigned Roles and Site Access, before clicking on 'Send Invite.' Otherwise, they will not have access to pages on the portal once the user completes registration.

Assign Role:

  • To add a Role - click on '+ Roles'

  • Assign roles from the dropdown options

  • Click on Save

  • You have the ability to assign multiple roles to a single user by following the above steps.

Assign Site Access:

  • To add a Site Access - click on '+ Site Access'

  • Add site access from the dropdown options

  • Click on Save

  • You can assign multiple Sites Access to a single user, by following the above steps.

Group Membership

This section shows the group/s a user is assigned to.

Deleting a User

To remove a user, select the trash icon at the top right of their profile.

Deactivating a User

To prevent a user from logging in, select the middle icon at the top right of their profile. Blocking a user is temporary until you either grant them access again or delete their account.

Reinstating access to a User

When a user is blocked, the icon changes to an 'A.' Click that icon to allow them to log on again.


Adding a Group

Add users to a group to grant mass permissions. Go to groups by clicking the Groups button on the top left.

To create a group, click the blue '+' symbol, and a modal will appear. In the 'Create a Group' Modal, enter Name and Description of the group and click on 'Save.' Follow the instructions of assigning a Role and Site Access the same as when adding a User.


  • To add a Member - click on the '+ Member' button

  • Select a Member from the dropdown list

  • Click on 'Save'

Send Invite to a User:

Once the Roles and Site Access has been assigned, click on the 'Send Invite' button, which will send a 'Welcome to Arcules' email to the user to complete registration.
The 'System Admin' and 'IT Manager' role will not require separate Site Access, as they will have already have access to all.

Note: If SSO is set up for the organization, then a user still needs to be set up with the appropriate roles/access, the the invite needs to be sent, but does not require to complete the registration - the link on the email will send the user to the SSO login page.

Note: A pop up message will appear at the bottom stating the "Invite has been sent successfully," and the button will change to 'Resend Invite' to indicate that an invite has already been sent. You can resend an invitation anytime, for instance if the user lost the original invite email.

Removing access for Roles and Sites:

To remove access of a Role or Site from a User or a Group, click on the vertical ellipsis, and you will have the option to remove access.

Downloading a List of Your Users and Groups

On the users and groups list you have the option to download a CSV file. Just click on the ellipsis in the menu and select Download as CSV.

Have questions? We're here to help! 👋 Reach out to the Arcules team through the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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