The rules engine allows you to configure actions such as notifications, alarms and video recording through custom triggers. 

Create a new Rule

Click the plus icon ‘+’  in the top right corner.

This will redirect you to the New Custom Rule page:

Setting up a Trigger

Select the Site and Location where the Rule will apply in the Where section, then select the device type and device(s) in the What section. Analytic examples:

  • crowd detection

  • rotation detection

  • blur detection

You may also select a schedule in the dropdown menu of pre-programmed options for when the trigger applies, or select Advanced Schedule to configure a custom schedule. You can also can add a Rule Title and Description to help identify and manage rules.

Setting up an Action

After configuring the trigger, choose which action will be taken when the trigger is activated. There are three types of available actions: Notifications, Alarms, and Record Video.


Set up notifications based on events like a thermostat reaching a certain temperature or a blur detection. The rules engine allows you to create a notification based on this.

Notification will send you an email/sms/push for the alert that triggered the notification eg: a Health Status Notification


Alarms are events that require action to be taken. Things like an unauthorized person entering a restricted zone or a door being forced open. Be sure to specify the protocol that needs to be taken and assign it to the appropriate group of people. The 'Trigger an Alarm' option will allow a user to view the event that triggered the alarm in the Alarms page. Click here to review the Alarms page.

I/O Device

Triggering I/O Devices is based on inputs, such as signals from a PIR motion detector or switches, to trigger actions. You can trigger an output as an action in the rules engine. Click here for more information on I/O Relay Module

Record Video

A secondary video can be recorded to capture the activity which caused by a triggered event.

Note: It is only possible to have one action type at a time set to "Record Video". You can choose multiple video devices when selection this action.

Note for People/Vehicle in Region: We strongly recommend setting up the Record Video action in addition to your desired action types, as these analytics work separately from Video Motion Detection. Otherwise footage may not be available when these analytics are triggered.

Example of a Configured Action

In this scenario the user has chosen to Send Notification with high priority to the Head of Security, with a custom message attached. To complete the creation of the Rule, click the blue save button in the bottom right corner.

Note for Distribution Lists

If you plan on using email distribution lists to share notifications with an existing list of people, you will need to create a user for this email in the same way as you would for a regular user. To see how to add a user, check out our People Article.

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