One Platform for Arcules Access Control as a Service

Access Control is a core step in the process of securing your building, so at Arcules, we have taken the approach that Access Control and Video should work seamlessly and be available as core features to your Arcules cloud service.

With one integrated platform for ACAAS and VSAAS you can benefit from:

  • A unified experience in one platform, with one software interface. Experiences that are seamless between video and building access

  • One software vendor and one support channel for access and video

  • No plugins, no additional software needed

  • Cloud-based to enable administration access multiple sites and locations remotely.

Hardware Support

Our integration of Access Control supports the Axis A1601 Controller firmware version 1.84.1 or above and Axis A1001 Controller firmware version 1.65.4 or above. Datasheets and documentation can be found here:

Note: At this time, Arcules suggests no more than 50 doors per organization for AXIS Access Control. For more doors, we suggest Feenics Access Control and the free Arcules Plug-in for Feenics Keep for Windows

Important notes on A1001 compatibility

  • All configuration of users, groups, credentials, schedules and access levels must be performed in the Arcules user interface. Existing configuration on the A1001 controller will not be imported into Arcules

  • The A1001 is only supported in standalone mode and must be set in standalone mode before being added to Arcules

  • If the A1001 controller has previously been added to a system of connected controllers it is very important to clear the A1001 configuration by following the steps described here

Some Insights

  • If an organization has only A1001's the max cardholders they can have for their organization is 15k.

  • If an organization has only A1601's the max cardholders they can have for their organization is 75k.

  • If an organization has a combination of A1001's and A1601's they’re still capped at 15k cardholders for their organization.

  • Door Controllers will continue to operate with current configuration even if the gateway is taken down or the devices have lost internet connectivity

Here is an article which helps you determine which Door Controller is right for your organization: Door Controllers

Overview & Getting Started

With Arcules ACAAS, to get started you will need

  • An organization and account in our platform with a gateway

  • Bring your own hardware (Axis A1601/A1001 Controllers, with compatible readers, REX, cards)

  • Contact our team to find out which plans or whether a trial evaluation is possible

  • You will need some basic knowledge of Access Control, but our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible to setup and configure.

Next step: Adding a Controller

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