Occupancy Analytics

Instructions for setting up an Occupancy Analytic to calculate occupancy totals from one or multiple supported cameras

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You can calculate occupancy totals in Arcules as long as the following requirements are met:

For an Axis Camera

  • AXIS People Counter application is installed

  • People counter analytics are properly configured through the Axis camera webpage

  • Camera Analytics is enabled in Arcules for this device

For a Bosch Camera

  • Cameras must a supported Bosch Flexidome model: 3000i, 4000i, 5000i, 7000MP, 8000i

  • Line crossing analytics are properly configured through the Bosch Configuration Manager and named appropriately

  • Camera Analytics is enabled in Arcules for this device

Configuring Occupancy Analytics

To get started, navigate to your location of choice, select the Occupancy Analytics tab and click the plus icon + in the top right-hand corner.

1. Review the instructions

Once you have reviewed the content, click Next.

2. Enter a Name

On the next screen, enter a name for the occupancy analytic, select a site, and select a location and click CONTINUE.

3. Select cameras

Select from the list of supported cameras configured to support Occupancy Analytics that you want to calculate total occupancy from and click CONTINUE.

4. Set occupancy thresholds

Enter a warning value and a max value as the occupancy thresholds, and click SAVE.

5. Validate your configuration

Find the list of the current values for occupancy total and individual counters on the STATUS tab to verify your configuration.

NOTE: the values reset every day at 2am based on the time zone of the location.

6. Set up a Rule to track occupancy

Click on the THRESHOLD tab, and click the link button to set up a Rule.

Configure the Action for the Rule by selecting the action type and the appropriate individuals who should receive the alarms and/or notifications. Then click SAVE.

Monitor Real-Time Occupancy Levels

You can monitor real-time occupancy levels from the Views page by adding Occupancy Analytic graphs to any View.

Note: It's important that the users or groups who are monitoring occupancy have the Continuous Live Viewing role assigned. This role disables the auto-logout function, so that users with this role can stay logged in without getting timed-out.

Go to the Views page and click the plus icon +.

On the next screen, enter a name for the View and click NEXT.

Select the cameras for the View, then click the ANALYTICS tab to select the desired analytics you want to display in your view, and click DONE.

You can rearrange the widgets as you wish by clicking the more icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting Rearrange.

Have questions? We're here to help! 👋 Reach out to the Arcules team through the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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