It has always been possible to make notes against horse owners in Ardex regarding accounts receivable follow up activity, intention of an owner to make a purchase in the future, interest in attending an upcoming event, or any other matter of interest.

The Notes Register screen now allows for viewing all client notes in a central location, sorting and filtering of notes by various criteria, and adding follow up reminders against clients. Notes can be allocated to categories such as phoned, left message, spoke at races, emailed, billing or other.

You may make a note that a client has promised to pay an account by a certain date, and set a reminder after that date to check that the account has been paid. Or make a note that a client is interested in attending an event, and set a reminder to contact the client prior to the event to confirm attendance.

Notes can be tagged to a horse as well as a client. Possible uses of the notes register are quite varied, and client note categories and viewing options are customisable and flexible. We expect use of the notes register by Ardex users to increase over time as awareness of the feature increases.

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