Accounts Payable, also known as Trade Creditors, are accounting records which represent money owed by your business to other businesses and people who have supplied you with goods and services. 

Often in business suppliers do not require up-front payment for goods and services provided, but provide products on account expecting to be paid within a given period of time. This is known as providing products “on credit”.

Ardex Premier incorporates a number of features which make recording, tracking and paying Accounts Payable a simple and efficient process. Ardex allows for payment of supplier invoices by cheque, EFT, credit card or cash and can be set-up to create EFT files for import to internet banking, making bulk supplier payments a breeze.

This Accounts Payable Management guide will take you through all aspects of accounts payable in Ardex Premier, from setting-up suppliers to entering supplier invoices, allocating supplier credits, producing accounts payable reports, paying individual suppliers, batch supplier payments, printing cheques and remittances and creating EFT files for import to internet banking.

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