In Ardex select Main at the bottom left then select “People & Firms”. Choose “View by: Suppliers” to display a list of your suppliers in Ardex.

You can now search for a supplier using the Search box at the top of the screen, and you can open any supplier record by double clicking on it. To enter a new supplier to Ardex click the “New” button at the top right of the screen.

You can now enter details for a supplier into the Ardex supplier window, including supplier name, ABN, address, phone, fax and e-mail contacts and other information. You will note that in the “Roles” list at the bottom right all suppliers are set to the “Supplier” role by default. 

A supplier can be a person or a company. You may select a default display name for the supplier from the pull-down list, a person’s name will normally be displayed as “Surname, First Name”. The “debtor number” will be generated by Ardex, each supplier will be assigned a different number.

If you want to e-mail remittance advices to a supplier it is important to enter a valid e-mail address and select the “send communications by: e-mail” option. It is a good idea to always enter a supplier ABN number, and indicate at the bottom right if the supplier is registered for GST.

When all supplier details are complete click the “Add” button at the bottom left of the screen to add the supplier to Ardex. Any changes you make to supplier information in the future will be recorded by clicking “Update” button.

Now that supplier details have been entered to the Main screen, other options become available at the left side of the supplier window. For any supplier that you intend to make EFT payments to, it is very important to complete “bank details”.

In the bank details section of the supplier window enter the following details for any supplier you intend to make EFT payments to:

This information will be used by Ardex when creating EFT files for supplier payments to be imported to internet banking.

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