Once your suppliers have been entered correctly to Ardex you can now enter in supplier invoices received. In Ardex select Finance at the bottom left then select “Expenses”. 

In the expenses screen you will need to enter the following information:

It is important to remember that when you lodge your Business Activity Statement you will declare to the ATO all GST paid on purchases, and this GST information comes largely from correctly recording GST on supplier invoices entered to Ardex. Therefore always pay attention to the GST Tax code and amount when entering expenses to Ardex to ensure that your BAS reports are accurate.

Where a supplier invoice needs to be allocated to more than one expense account you may enter a number of expense transactions against the same X-Ref invoice number on the same date. In this case make sure that the total GST on all transactions entered adds up to the total GST amount on the supplier invoice. Alternatively, contact Ardex Support for Bulk Journal training.

Once all supplier invoice details have been recorded in the expenses window click the “Add” button to record the supplier expense to Ardex. An accounts payable record has now been created for the supplier, which can be paid at a future date through the payments function, which we will cover later in this support note.


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