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Entering Supplier Bills with Transactions Oncharged to Horses

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You will sometimes receive supplier invoices which relate to goods or services provided to a particular horse. In this case you may want the expense to be recorded against the horse so that it can be charged on to the horse owners, and you will also want an account payable record created against the supplier.

To let Ardex know that an expense applies to a horse or horse owner and needs to be charged on, enter the supplier invoice details as normal then click the “Add: Transaction” button. A data entry row appears which allows you to enter the horse name, type of service performed, amount and description.

You may allocate a supplier invoice across a number of horses or owners by adding more transaction lines and splitting the invoice total between the horses and owners affected. The total of all amounts allocated to horses and owners must always be the same as or less than the supplier invoice amount. When you have finished allocating the expense click the “Add” button to record.

When supplier invoices are allocated to horses and horse owners, the relevant owners will be charged at the end of the month when owner statements are produced. An account payable record will be created in Ardex for the supplier invoice. For more information on producing month end owner statements please contact Ardex Support.

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