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What do collab terms look like to members?
What do collab terms look like to members?
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When you send Terms to member, we will let them know that you are interested in working with them by sending an email from Aspire with a link to access their collaboration terms. Here is a quick peek at what the creator will receive from us:

You'll also have the option to send a personal email to further explain the project details and why you're excited to work with that creator.

When the creator opens the link to their terms, they will see the following information:

  • Content guidelines for each post type you requested

  • Whether or not content approval is required

  • Due dates for each piece of content

  • What you're offering the creator (free product, payment, commission)

  • Content usage rights

  • And more!

If you're requesting for Instagram Insights or Influencer Allowlisting, the creator will also see the option to authorize their account. Please note, if you're requesting for an Instagram Story in your Terms, Insights will be required by default.

Here's an example of what creators will see:

Once the creator has reviewed the terms, they will enter their full name and digitally sign in the box provided, then click "Accept Terms".

If they would like to propose changes to the Terms, they can click "Edit Terms" to highlight the changes they would like to make, then send it back to your team for review.

📌 Important: If you checked the box "Disallow creators from editing terms" when sending Terms, the creator will not see the ability to edit terms.

Once the terms have been accepted, the creator will come back to this link to submit their content for review (if required) and set their content live.

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