How to send collaboration terms

How to send collaborations terms to members in a project

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Before you can send collaboration terms, you’ll need to create your content guideline templates. Check out this article here to learn how to create them. When you’re done with your templates, you are now ready to send terms to members of your project!

Watch the video below to learn how or keep scrolling for written directions!

How to send Collaboration Terms

  1. Go to your project and click into the Send Terms stage.

  2. Next to the member's name and under Action, click on Send Terms.

  3. Select the type of posts you want the creator to make by clicking the plus (+) sign next to each guideline template.

  4. Once you've added all the content requirements, click Save at the bottom.

  5. Your content guidelines templates will pop up. Here you can make additional edits by clicking into the section to edit or add a guideline.

  6. In order to review a member's content before they post it live on their social channel, you must check the "Review Content" box and agree to review content within 3 business days.

    💡 If you need to extend the content review period to 7 business days, please email our Support Team at

  7. Enter the Due Dates for submission for approval (if applicable) and completion.

    📣 Pro tip: We recommend adding a 1-2 week buffer when setting due dates to account for any possible shipping delays.

  8. Specify what the creator will receive by selecting one or multiple options (payment, free product, commission).

    📌 Important: If you need to extend the payment terms from 7 business days to Net30, please email our Support Team at

  9. Select your content usage rights.

  10. (Optional) Request permission for Allowlisting or Branded Content. The creator will grant you permission for Allowlisting or Branded Content between the date ranges you select. Aspire will facilitate the connection between the creator and Meta and you will be able to see the creator's posts in your Meta Business Manager.

    If you have not provided your Meta Business ID for the set up yet please send this over to and we will get this set up for you.

  11. (Optional) Require creators to link their Instagram Insights to receive the most data about their posts. Please note, if you select an Instagram Story as a deliverable, Insights will be required automatically so we can pull in their Story analytics.

  12. Once everything looks good, click Review & Set Offers. Next, you will see a summary of the terms you are sending along with the estimated reach, total compensation, and number of pieces of content you are asking for.

  13. (Optional) Lastly, you can add a personal message and click Send terms.

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