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Creating Gift Orders
Create Gift Orders using our Shopify Integration
Create Gift Orders using our Shopify Integration

How to create gift orders using our Shopify product fulfillment integration

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Check out the video below or scroll further for written instructions on how to create gift orders for your members!

How to Create Gift Orders

To get started, you'll have to go into your project's Product Fulfillment stage and click on the Send Product Order worklet. Additionally, your creators' member profiles must have the Address1, City, State, Country, and Postal Codes fields filled out in order to send their product. If you do not have the necessary information, you may use our Info Update feature to ask your creators to update their data.

To do this individually, you can click Create Order under the Action column.

You can also do this in bulk by selecting all or multiple members and clicking on the Create Orders button.

On the first step of the Product Fulfillment flow, you'll be prompted to select the products you want to send out. You can edit the quantity of each product you are adding to their gift order. Once you have selected the products, click Next.

The second step allows you to compose a message to let the creator know that you're preparing their gift order. Once you have composed an email, you may click Next. This step is optional so if you want to skip this step, you may click Continue without Message.

On the last step, you'll be able to review the gift order you are creating and make any final changes as necessary. If you want to remove a product selection, you may click on the trash can icon on the right side of the product. You may also change product quantities on this step.

If you would like to send a Shopify receipt to the creator, you can check the corresponding box. If not, you can leave it as is. If you choose to send a receipt, the creator will see the product price.

Lastly, you have the option to leave an internal note for your product fulfillment team. Let's say you want them to wrap the gift order in special packaging and add a card, this is where you can leave that note.

Once you're done reviewing the gift order, click Create Order! πŸŽ‰ The order details will be synced to your Shopify back end so your product fulfillment team can dispatch the order, and the creator will receive the message you drafted in Step 2, if you drafted one.

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