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Marie Kondo Your Aspire Database

Less Spreadsheets, More Relationships

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Our influencer CRM streamlines all your influencer and ambassador relationships β€” so you can ditch the spreadsheets and nurture relationships without the hassle.
Your Members database on Aspire is comprised of many people relevant to your brand - from creators to customers! As you scale, it can be quite easy for things to get a little hectic in there.
The good news is that we are two steps ahead of you 😊 Below you will find our favorite ways to keep your database organized.

Tags are a handy tool that allows you to label creators in any way you see fit. You can tag your top performers, ambassadors who wear a size 7 shoe, or creators who only want to work on paid opportunities - just to name a few. Click here to see more on tags.

Groups are a way to organize your member database into buckets by "grouping" influencers together based on common interests, similarities, campaigns, etc. You can create a group for anything you want! Learn more here.

Filters are a secret weapon in Aspire. They enable you to take your large database and break it down into helpful segments. You can create a filter using any data point connected to a member. Watch this quick video on how to create a filter and give it a try for yourself!

Your Inbox in Aspire is a great way to keep track of all influencer communications. Within the inbox, you can assign conversations to teammates, reply to emails, send mass emails, and more!

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