We recently launched a new feature that allows you to manually mark creators' content requirements as done. 🎉

This is helpful for the following scenarios:

  • When you agree to accept a different content type than what was initially requested

  • When you want to accept generic content from creators (e.g. three posts of their choosing)

  • When you want to stop sending automatic email notifications to creators if they are no longer required to submit content

  • When you want to update the status for creators who encountered system errors while submitting content

Watch the video tutorial below on how this feature works, or keep scrolling for written directions.

How to Mark Content as Complete

  1. Go to the project the member is in.

  2. Click on the "Receive Content + Posts" stage they are in, find the member whose content you want to manually mark as complete, then click View Deliverables on the Action column.

  3. Click on the action menu beside the content, then click Mark as Complete.

Once the deliverable has been marked as complete, it will be in a "pending" state for 5 minutes. This 5-minute window allows you to undo the action.

After the 5-minute window, if you did not undo the action, the status will change from "Pending Mark as Complete" to "Marked as Complete" the creator will receive a notification that lets them know that their deliverable has been marked as complete.

If all of a creator's content requirements have been marked as complete, they will move to the next stage of your project. If you do not have any stages after Receive Content + Posts, the creator will move to Completed.

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