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Outlook Daily Usage Limits
Outlook Daily Usage Limits

Guide to Outlook's Daily Sending Limits

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Our Outlook integration allows you to send and receive communications from your brand’s email address. While the integration can be used to send emails to a group of members, it is not intended to be used as an email marketing tool. Due to Outlook’s daily usage limit, the Outlook integration can pose limitations when it comes to mass email campaigns.

Daily usage limits

  • You can only send 10,000 individual or multi-recipient emails per day, with a maximum of 500 recipients per message

The per-day limit refers to a 24-hour period rather than a calendar day. For example, if you send a large number of emails and hit the limit at 2:00 pm, you must wait 24 hours before sending another email.

💡 Note: All of the limits above are set per Outlook account.

To send bulk emails, try our Klaviyo integration! ✉️

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